7 Months on… …Living with Depression

7 months ago I wrote a post entitled “I’ve waited three years for this…” if you haven’t read it then click the link and check it out. It is a wee bit dark but it’s unsurprising given the subject matter. It was in essence the start of my realization that I was once again going down the road to depression. It is not a nice place and in some ways reminds me of the “upside down” from Stranger Things (brilliant programme by the way). In fact, if I could draw a picture of depression it pretty much would have been just like it. Since then I have been doing what I can to better myself, partly through my #24weeks posts; which let’s face it I totally failed to keep up with! Continue reading 7 Months on… …Living with Depression

Why Everyone Should Travel

I’ve been messing around with this blog for a good year and had the concept ingrained in my mind long before that. As I’ve looked at how it’s developed I have to say I really like it. I’m proud of what I’ve created and yet I still feel like there is something substantial missing. After a bit of thought I realized that my blog is really only useful for me as it contains memories and fragments of my travels that I can look back on. Beyond that though, it’s probably not of much interest to anyone else, unless of course you enjoy the ramblings of a dry witted 20-something year old Brit. So I decided to try something new. Something that can actually be of use to people. So without further ado welcome to ‘Travel Geek’. A one stop shop for everything travel and life related from the geek within me.

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The Bucket List

I guess a staple of any avid traveler is the ‘Bucket List’. If you’re unfamiliar with what one of these is (which I’d be shocked if you didn’t) it is basically a list of things that I would like to achieve before my time here on this Earth comes to what is most likely going to be an ungraceful end. If it’s anything like the way I eat food then it’s going to be very ungraceful indeed. So read on for my top 100 things to go before I snuff it list. What are your must do’s? Leave them in the comments section and we can see if they match up!

Oh and the orange ones? They’re already ticked off!

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Orongorongo Valley

New Zealand is famed for it’s wilderness, outdoor pursuits and stunning landscapes. It was one of the reasons that I moved here in the first place. One of my aims is to get outdoors more and explore some of the amazing vistas and landscapes which are endemic to New Zealand. One of the most popular pastimes here is to go ‘tramping’; which is basically New Zealand’s way of saying hiking or trekking. I was asked to join on a tramp to Orongorongo Valley in the Rimutaka’s; a 45-minute drive out from Wellington. So I went and honestly it was fricking amazing! 

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As always I am playing a bit of catch-up here and have finally got around to updating the blog with my post for Budapest. One of my best friends and certainly my biggest travel buddy wanted to do one small trip away before I disappeared off to New Zealand and we had always talked about heading to Budapest. Since flights were disgustingly cheap we booked it, so a few weeks later off we went! Continue reading Budapest

A Life Down Under – Part 1

If you know me at all then you are probably aware that I recently made the move down under to the wild green and rugged lands of New Zealand. Famed for its adrenaline fueling activities, being the back drop of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies and for its extreme sheep to human ratio. I’m about to head into my second week here and I thought I’d give you all a taste of what I had been up to as well as my thoughts about it all.

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