It’s been two weeks since I officially opened up and started what has begun to feel like a new chapter of my life. I’ve been to the doctor. I’m back on the anti-depressants. In some ways it feels like a bit of a failure to have regressed. However, when I consider the difference it’s already made, I know there are only benefits to be had – and this trumps any feelings of failure. 

From my last stint on anti-depressants I realized that they do not solve the problem. That is down to me. All they do is give me the opportunity to see past the negatives and start to make positive changes to my life. There is one teeny weeny flaw though; it turns out I have a serious problem with commitment. Every time I attempt to change something about myself to improve how I feel, I always seem to fail. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is because I attempt to change too much too soon; and so I have come up with a potential solution. I am calling this potential solution #24weeks. It is going to be a part of a larger self development project that I am calling Fundamentally Me.

It is 24 weeks until I head off to New Zealand. I figured that the next six months will define my time there and so I need to make as many positive changes as I can beforehand. So my proposal was to change a couple of small things about my life each week for 24 weeks. This could be anything from cutting out chocolate from my diet to lead a healthier lifestyle; ensuring that I always remember to compliment myself to keep my thoughts in check to something as simple as not wearing a shirt over my t-shirt to build up a sense of confidence. Yes believe it or not this is a real issue to me…

I came up with this idea last week and my first task was to remove chocolate, ice cream and biscuits from my diet. This week has flown and without realizing it, I’d already passed it with flying colours. This has spurred me on to continue and develop this plan. Also, me putting this out publicly means I am much more likely to follow through and see this to the end. In truth I am rather excited about where this could all lead.

So if my first week was the removal of chocolate, ice creams and biscuits what do I have in store for week 2? Well, in truth week 1 has not truly been a master success. What I didn’t eat in the above foodstuffs I certainly made up for in sweets. So this week sweets, crisps and sadly popcorn are getting the axe. In addition, I am going to try and get a post on the blog done at least once a week. So I’d be chuffed if you would like to follow me on this journey and maybe help cheer me on as I push the boundaries of my commitments. Check back each week for an update and to see what I am changing next!

#Week1 – Sunday 30th April

Reduce my intake of chocolate, biscuits and ice cream

I have a stupidly sweet tooth and I eat too much of this stuff. Not doing so is going to be good for me in several ways. It will help me to loose weight, which in turn will make me feel more comfortable about myself. I’ve always been weight conscious. It’s good for my teeth, my mood and my skin. Plus I’m sure my bank balance would appreciate me not buying lots of impromptu treats.

#Week2 – Sunday 7th May

Reduce my intake of sweets, crisps and popcorn

Create one post a week for “Where Has Jon Gone”

Same as above really. Looking to compound the benefits of a reduced sugar diet. Plus what I’ve not had in chocolate, I’ve more than made up for in sweets. It’s time to ditch it all and see what I can achieve. The one post a week idea helps me to maintain and develop the blog, something that I am rather proud of so far.

#Week3 – Sunday 14th May

Reduce my intake of fizzy drinks and pizza

Commit to at least 10 mins a day of learning Spanish

Commit to drinking 2l of water a day

Commit to 10 push ups morning and evening

I’ve been feeling positive about this. Even though I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight I know I have. This has helped to spur me on. So I’m adding another 2 of my favourite things to the ditch list. Fizzy drinks and pizza. The latter is going to really break my heart! The former I am replacing with the healthier option! I’ve decided to throw some exercise in there too to help speed up weight loss and since I’ve always wanted to learn a language. I’m starting now.

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