Week 1… …So it Begins

My mind is like a million different people are stood side by side. They all want different things, but I can only go one way. I’ve decided that that way is going to be my way. So if you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that you already have an idea what this #24Weeks thing is all about. If you don’t then in short I’m giving myself 24 weeks to change my life by doing something new and good each week or by ditching bad habits; and then keeping it going. So welcome to my first week of the new me! 

The first step that I wanted to take was to reduce my sugar intake. One of my biggest insecurities is my weight. I’m not really that overweight. I can comfortably wear a medium shirt, but I could do with losing a few pounds or at the least toning up a bit – I mean who doesn’t want to be ripped?! I have a real sweet tooth though, and when I actually sat down to consider how much I was consuming it was pretty outrageous. So I decided to tackle this first.

In truth I’ve never properly looked after what I eat. I have over the last 20 years or so conditioned my body to want sugar; so I imagine this part of the journey is going to be pretty tough. Especially when I think that most of my binge snacking is actually a form of comfort food. I know though that the hard work will be worth it.

In deciding what to give up, I had to strike a balance between choosing something effective but something that wouldn’t dishearten me over the long term. So for this first week nothing else is changing but my intake of the below:

  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • biscuits
  • cake

When I say intake, I mean not at all. They have officially been added to my #24Weeks Ditch List. It’s all very exciting! So shall we begin?


So it’s been a week. I’ve not eaten any of my banned foods. I’d imagine that I would feel better if I hadn’t gouged on so many sweets but hey ho. At least that gives me something to focus on ditching for the next week! It’s not all been bad though. I think I may have lost some weight. I certainly don’t feel as lethargic at any rate so that can only be a good thing. It so happens I recently found a pair of old trousers that I bought years ago but could never get into. I’ll give them a shot next week and see how things get on!

At the very least I feel better in myself. I don’t know if that is just down to the anti-depressants, but I like to think that it’s down to a bit of medication, positive thinking and eating better. I have heard about the positives of healthy eating on the individuals mindset. Sugar apparently makes negative emotions worse… perhaps I should read into this to be sure. It could make for some interesting points.

Overall though; I didn’t much realize I was actually doing it. Pretty auto-piloted through the whole thing. Before I knew it Sunday had rolled around again and I had to start thinking about what I would give up / start this week. So far so good – I’m feeling positive about this all and so it makes sense to roll with it. Hopefully this is the first step to getting my head out of the proverbial pit that it has gotten itself into.

Given where I was a few weeks back things can only get better. So bring the rest of the challenges on I say!

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