Week 2… …Taking the Next Step

So my second Sunday of #24weeks has rolled around much faster than I thought it would. I have not touched a thing from my ditch list and I am actually quite proud of myself. Continued success is spurring me on to do more. Perhaps I’ve finally found a method for changing aspects of my life without getting completely overwhelmed by it all,giving up and succumbing to that familiar cold feeling of failure and guilt for not trying harder. So on wards and upwards. To the next step!

So while I am in this positive chain of thoughts I decided to build upon my success thus far and I updated the ditch list. Initially I was just going to add sweets to it. However, despite my best efforts I ate a lot of crisps over the weekend. The large bag of popcorn sealed the deal. They all had to go! This was going to make for one tough week; or so I thought. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about easy this has gone and how committed I seem to have found myself to this. It makes a change. There’s still a long way to go and my doubts normally start kicking in around 3 weeks so it is only going to get harder.

It’s not just about ditching the food though. I mean thus far all I had done was to remove items from my life – but I figured it makes sense to add too. Out with the negatives and in with the positives and all that. I figured this is a great opportunity to add some real beneficial changes to my day-to-day life. Maybe find some new hobbies and interests. Maybe even meet new people along the way. The outcomes are practically limitless. After I posted my first post about mental health and depression I was genuinely stunned at the responses I was getting; the positive vibes coming back from it. It was amazing. I found it was a great way of expressing who I am, so I figured that I should commit to producing a blog post weekly. Even if no-one else was to read it; it would help me sort my thoughts out. I enjoy doing it anyway so what could I stand to lose by doing it? Besides this whole #24weeks was the perfect excuse to get into that grove.

Although at times it was difficult (we have a treat box at work) I literally pulled the temptation out of my head and threw it as far away as possible. I’ve had people comment on the fact that I look like I’ve lost weight. This is great news to me and is super encouraging. The slim fit trousers are fitting better than ever and I can see a noticeable difference in how I perceive myself. This is all good and shows that my medication and my positive thinking are changing my life already.

Thinking about it, it’s been the longest I’ve managed to go without eating this kind of stuff. So perhaps I have indeed found that fabled method that works for me. Time will tell; but either way I’m encouraged and I want to continue trying it. Admittedly the one thing I struggled with was updating the blog. This post is a week overdue! I have been really busy lately and have not had much time to sit down and focus on it. That is my aim for this week!

Either way I’m slowly improving my life step by step. To continue that I decided on what my Week 3 challenges should be. I have decided to help the weight loss further by removing fizzy drinks and pizza from my diet. I’d commit to drinking at least 2l of water a day and I’d perform 10 sit ups in the morning and another 10 in the evening. Lastly I’d begin to learn a language. So tune in next week to see how I have got on!

Cover Photo: Myself exploring the beach near Lake Mahinapua, New Zealand, 2016.

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