Week 3… …The Make or Break Week

¡Hola! And welcome to week 3. I’ve always said that this is the period when I begin to struggle with anything I am attempting. This has very much been in the back of my mind all week. I had most certainly not kept 100% to what I have set myself. My mind has been clouded with a reasonable amount of self doubt. Those creeping feelings of failure are sneaking their way back in.

Usually this would be enough to convince me to throw in the towel and give up. Not this time though. I’m determined to see this through. As cheesy as it sounds it brings to mind a quote from the film ‘Batman Begins’. Just after the young Bruce has fallen down the well; his father asks him “why do we fall?” “So we can learn to pick ourselves up”. It seems rather apt at this point so that is what I am doing right now. I am picking myself up. That is what I am striving to do throughout this whole process.

So what exactly am I not fulfilling? Well even though I am up to Scratch with the sit ups. It’s not being done when they should. This is largely in part to having gone out a lot this week. I’ve drunk a huge amount of beer and spent most evenings out and then mornings hungover. Though there was only one period that I became a slave to my emotions again. It was still enough to help me decide that one of my challenges for week 4 would be to drop my alcohol consumption. It’ll keep my mind, liver and bank balance happy.

Ive struggled with the water consumption. It’s surprisingly difficult to consume that much water in a day. I think it may be that the bar is too high on this one as it is completely dependant on how thirsty I am at any given time. So perhaps ensuring that I drink more fluids is a better way of looking at it.

Of course these posts are meant to be more positive than anything else. While there have been set backs there are plenty of positives for me to be proud of. I’ve not touched pizza or any fizzy drinks and this has led me to finding some other options that are both tasty and at least look healthier. It does feel good at the very least to be shaking things up.

Ultimately my greatest success comes from the language learning. I’ve begun to really pick it up and my lessons from school are flooding back. It feels good. I am by chance sitting on a hotel balcony in Spain right now. While I would not consider myself anywhere near well versed I have already begun to pick words up. It’s a nice feeling to be able to fall into a difficult place a bit easier than usual.

So I’m picking myself up from my setbacks so what is in store for week 4? Well as I said I will be cutting my alcohol consumption right back to only 3 pints a week max. To put it into perspective I drank 20 in 4 days last week. I feel I may overloaded myself this week and I’d rather take on a manageable load and succeed right now than try to shoulder too much and fail. Those feelings are a sure way to make all this fall down. So I’m light of this I shall be looking to keep my mind in the right place. Every time I feel that negativity trying to take a hold I need to think of the positives in my life. There’s plenty there. I’ll even write them down if I have to. I want to keep my head centered and focused.

Cover Photo: The view from my Spanish Hotel Balcony reminding me that life is indeed good.


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