Fundamentally Me

This project is going to test my limits and push my boundaries to fundamentally find out who I am. I’ve long believed that we are just who we are. That I am who I am and there’s no changing that – I was mistaken. I am always holding back from fear that I won’t be accepted for who I am. Ironically it means that I’ve never been able to accept myself. It’s time to change that. No more excuses. No more failures; and no more turning back.

Things to Change


  • Meat consumption is bad for the environment and too much is bad for me. Perhaps consider reducing my intake or to become vegetarian.
  • Likewise, sugar is my vice. It sits around my waist like my own personal rubber ring. I need to reduce my intake significantly.
  • I drink too little water and too much beer – switch it up maybe.


  • I don’t exercise nearly enough. My climbing is a start but it’s not enough especially since I seemingly posses a metabolism that is positively catatonic at best. This would be good for both my physical and mental health.
  • I don’t need a gym – find a park and go for a run, grab some resistance bands and start toning.

Sports and Hobbies

  • I need to actually have something interesting to talk about so ditch the video games and go walk the city and countryside. Improve my photography and videography; learn a language and an instrument.

YES and NO

  • Have one day a month where I say “YES” to everything I am asked (within reason of course!) to teach me the freedom of will.
  • One day a month where I say “NO” to everything I am asked to teach me the empowerment of constraint.

Well Being

  • Perhaps take up yoga or meditation to clear my mind
  • Don’t hold grudges to teach me integrity and tolerance
  • Learn one new thing everyday to appreciate the amazing variety the world offers us
  • Try something new every month to help find new interests and new people

“I can either chin the fuck up and deal or I can become like the person I most want to avoid being like – your choice Jon” #fundamentally Me



My first major project idea. A simple way of changing aspects of my life each week for 24 weeks to drastically improve and change my life long term.

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