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Orongorongo Valley

New Zealand is famed for it’s wilderness, outdoor pursuits and stunning landscapes. It was one of the reasons that I moved here in the first place. One of my aims is to get outdoors more and explore some of the amazing vistas and landscapes which are endemic to New Zealand. One of the most popular pastimes here is to go ‘tramping’; which is basically New Zealand’s way of saying hiking or trekking. I was asked to join on a tramp to Orongorongo Valley in the Rimutaka’s; a 45-minute drive out from Wellington. So I went and honestly it was fricking amazing! 

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A Life Down Under – Part 1

If you know me at all then you are probably aware that I recently made the move down under to the wild green and rugged lands of New Zealand. Famed for its adrenaline fueling activities, being the back drop of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies and for its extreme sheep to human ratio. I’m about to head into my second week here and I thought I’d give you all a taste of what I had been up to as well as my thoughts about it all.

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Where I’ve Been

By all accounts I’m a pretty young guy who has lead what a good number of people would consider a privileged life. I am not about to deny it. I consider the ability to travel and see the world as a luxury that not everyone has the time or money to do. I’m not in a position to travel indefinitely but if I could I would! I’m happiest when I’m on the move and I feel so relaxed when just literally slotting into the world and watching every bit of it zoom past me; taking it all in at my own pace – preferably with a cold beer and good company.

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