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Orongorongo Valley

New Zealand is famed for it’s wilderness, outdoor pursuits and stunning landscapes. It was one of the reasons that I moved here in the first place. One of my aims is to get outdoors more and explore some of the amazing vistas and landscapes which are endemic to New Zealand. One of the most popular pastimes here is to go ‘tramping’; which is basically New Zealand’s way of saying hiking or trekking. I was asked to join on a tramp to Orongorongo Valley in the Rimutaka’s; a 45-minute drive out from Wellington. So I went and honestly it was fricking amazing! 

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I love taking photos and one of my favourite types is the panorama. Trying to capture a whole scene and getting that cool fish eye effect to me is really awesome. Below are some of my favourite panoramas from my travels. All were taken on an iPhone 5. They don’t quite capture how great some of these places are but they look cool nonetheless. I hope you enjoy them and for the hell of it let’s see who can tell me where these are from! 

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